5 Things you can eliminate from your wardrobe immediately

On a recent initial consultation call with a new client, they were so excited to begin the removal process, but they wanted to start before I got to their home because they were a bit nervous about what I might find during their at-home visit.  They asked what they could do to make the appointment most efficient.  A great way to prep for your editing session is to start with items you are least likely to miss.



The sock drawer is usually the last on the list of things to remove.  (Except for my client who had 2,000 pairs! We started with that drawer first, but that is a story for another day.)   We are less likely to hold attachment to our socks.  Especially for socks that are for functionality and not for fun.  If you find socks with holes, stains, or pills, grab them, thank them for the times they kept your feet clean, warm, say goodbye, then recycle them.



Ok ladies, let’s be honest! Who doesn’t have at least 5 bras right now that they can’t stand looking at?  There’s that one with the underwire poking out or you can tell it’s at least one wash away from breaking loose.  There’s that one that never really fit right but you just couldn’t find the time to return it.  There is the one that you bought in a color that was on trend at the time and now you feel like it never really did anything for your complexion.  The sports bra you just can’t part ways with because you are working so hard on your fitness these days that you might run low on clean ones.  Then there’s the dreaded ‘sexy bra’ you bought with your ex. It lives under all your useable ones and you know it’s there but you just pretend you don’t see it.

I give you permission to banish these bras from your new stylish, spring self.


The bra for my bros out there is the tank top.  Let’s nix the ones with the stains in various spots.  Perhaps you bought them in bulk and they came in a bag of threes so I know there’s not just one of these bad boys in there.  You’d never wear them on their own, we hope.  They are stretched out, worn out, and just give you that not so fresh feeling.  When you are in the boardroom, or pitching to a new client don’t you want to feel your most powerful inside and out?  It’s time to say ‘you’re fired’ to those dingy tanks.

Ladies, we are also guilty of this as well.  I know there is a tank top with the seam across the bust that is unraveling or maybe it’s the bottom that rolls up and you find yourself always pulling it down or tucking it in until it crawls out from under your pants.  Some even have that weird hole near your pant button and you can never figure out how so many shirts have holes in that one spot.  Maybe the color is faded so you just never grab it.  Perhaps it shrank or stretched, either way, it just doesn’t fit the bill.  ‘Auf Wiedersehen’

Tee Shirts

I will say, this is the number one article of clothing I remove from my client’s closets.  I have found that on average, most guys own anywhere from 30 to 200 tee shirts.  No lie.  Between solid colored and graphics, it can get a bit obsessive.  Guys tend to hold more attachment to graphic tees than ladies but that does not mean we are exactly saints in that department.   My rule of thumb for ridding your life of tee shirt clutter is, first find the ones with stains. Bye Felicia.  Next are the ones with holes.  Yeah, that was a trend a for minute let’s forget about it.  Sometimes clients will say things like “but that was from the first concert I went to, or from the band I was in, or my dead grandmother bought that for me at the zoo when I was 12.”  Here’s how to attack this issue.  Take a photo of the image on it, save it to your cloud, then let it go.  You’re Granny would be proud you’ve cleaned your closet, I promise.



Now I’ll be brief; guys, you have it easy.  You could own one brand and they typically come in packs.  You could wear all black and never worry about stains and throw them out when they have started to wear out.  You have no excuse to own stained holey briefs (and on a side note, as a heterosexual female I prefer the look of a boxer brief to briefs or boxers, but that is just me.)  Guys, do yourself (and your significant) a favor. Re-up right now and throw out your worn ones. You and your partner will thank you, and me too.

Ladies, I know this is a touchy subject.  In an ideal world we’d really only need 10 panties for the week and because they are small enough we could hand wash them.  They’d be the sexiest, most extravagant looking pairs and we would wear them every day because we are boss ladies.  Sadly, that is not the world we live in.  We need our sexy panties, then our workout panties, some people like their “evening alone” undies for bed when they aren’t with company.  Then there is the dreaded “that time” panties.  I will say there is nothing more exhilarating when cleaning out your closet than tossing those panties you are sick of seeing on yourself. They have holes, stains, they are stretched out, maybe they are too small and they leave you with those awful lines across your body. Whatever their damage saying goodbye has never been so satisfactory.

I love PACT underwear. They use organic cotton, they are ethically produced, and they are super comfortable and really last a long time without stretching or ripping.  Not only do they have underwear for both men and women but also other goods like socks, shirts, tanks, even leggings and lounge pants.

Take a look for yourself. https://wearpact.com/

Ladies, I have yet to try these; but am thinking about testing them out.


If you would be interested in me reviewing these please leave a comment below.


For all garments that can not be resold and you wouldn’t want to give to your worst enemy, I recommend bringing them to H&M.  All garments that can’t be donated get stripped down and repurposed into new fibers and textiles.  Read more here 


For more closet edit advice send me your questions directly.



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