Making Room For The Fashionably Unforgettables

In a desperate search for a gala outfit for my Mom I found myself in a pre-spring closet purge. This brought me to two thoughts.

1. Why don’t gala events have wardrobe requirements or suggestions?

2. When is the right time to throw something out?

A gala is defined as a festive occasion. Now that could mean anything really. When I hear gala I think formal dress or dressy suit. My mantra is always “dress up” because you will feel much more confident than if you are under dressed.

As we shuffled through my Mom’s closet I took it upon myself (being the good daughter that I am) to throw out some unwearable items. To my Mom’s dismay, and my delight we came to the conclusion that she needed to set an appointment with her personal shopper. With the gala merely 6 days away I have my work cut out for me… To be continued…

All this closet cleansing got me exited to purge mine. As we near Spring 2011 I want nothing but bold colors, feminine florals, sensual stripes, and sultry 70’s inspired accoutrements.

Being that it is March the first things to retire are the stuffy turtlenecks and my signature equestrian blazers. Til fall 2011 I bid you adieu.

Five painful pairs of immaculate booties, boots, and loafers were brought to my local consignment shop. (thank you Designer Consignment Natick for complimenting my quality and taste level of shoe purchasing, always an ego booster.)

So what are the rules of closet keepers?

Have you worn it at least once this season?

If not will it resurface in the fashion cycle within a decade and will it be in any condition to wear by then?

Do you still love it on you?

If you say no, honestly just toss it!

These were my first high heeled pumps I ever owned. I remember how excited I was to have heels. I was 18, a college freshman and I wore them for the first time to a bar in RI that at the time only asked for college id. Not only do they hold fond memories of my discovery of my own personal style, they are a true testament to the times and how classic my taste is. Bubblegum pink patent pointy heels. I even had a pink and white striped skirt I wore them with, super cute! This spring they will be celebrating their 7th birthday.

Here is my rational for keeping them.

1. Pastels for Spring will always be in style in March and April.

2. The patent (as I always suggest to my clients) highly prolongs a shoes shelf life.

3. Pointy toe has returned.

Sad to say they may not see an 8th birthday though I will always have them here for all to see as long as site stays online.