Hats off to Ralph

If I were to meet Ralph Lauren in person, besides telling him what a pleasure it is to meet such a creative genius and that I am a huge admirer of his work; I would also tell him that I think he is one of the only American Fashion Designers that truly tells a story with each one of his collections. The spring 2009 Ready To Wear collection is a clear cohesive vision that pays homage to Indiana Jones. Each look evokes the feeling of ride along side Indy in the Middle East on an epic journey. This line was more than just visually pleasing.
It is so refreshing to have a new spin on Safari. Silk blouses in camouflage colors complimented with gold shimmering, flowing pants. I love how Ralph uses hats to pull each look together. It also allows the audience to see how effortlessly a hat can transform your total appearance. I’m so excited to see hats back in style but still haven’t seen many people embrace them. I encourage everyone to try on every hat they see. I know most people say “Oh I don’t look good in hats.” You just have to try more on.

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