Emerging Artists

I’m always interested in discovering talented new designers and brands that are off the radar. A little under a year ago I was introduced to a fresh new brand from Argentina called Primo Mihi. Mercedes Alva, Victoria del Bene, and Pilar Santamarina are the three creative geniuses behind the line. These three fashion design graduates of the University of Buenos Aires, characterize Primo Mihi as being more than just a clothing design and emphasize the importance of image, music, and trends. The fundamental premise of Primo Mihi (which means “Me First”) is to value each customer as an individual and not appealing to the masses. They seek to create garments that appeal to each customer based on two core pillars, morphology and fabric interventions. They are all about adapting interesting patterns into wearable and comfortable garments with small details that really stand out. Their first collection called “Furia,” or Rage focuses on the contrast between love and hate. It features cuts, wild prints and a black and white color palette with accents of reds and blues.  If this is there first collection I can only imagine what will come next for this hot young brand.

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