Chanel 2012

There is so much to love about Chanel this season. Their Spring 2012 Ad Campaign is far more than a global marketing strategy. First and foremost the synergy between fashion and movement using water and gymnastics is complete genius. With the summer Olympics just five months away, Karl Lagerfeld’s always looking to the future using the senses to convey a merger of fantasy and reality to capture audiences of every kind. I discovered it on the first 6 pages of this month’s Elle featuring Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively and it truly caught my attention. A bold decision using black and white images (a classic Chanel insignia) made for an even more impactful statement. Usually one thinks bold colors for spring and be it for Karl to stand apart from the crowd. What I do I get out of this ad? The statement Shoe is still very prevalent in our time. I foresee many new styles of heels to come using architectural influences. The use of a coral reef as a heel evokes a sense of strength, longevity, and community. (Something to think about in an election year…just saying)




Also socks with heels is a reemerging trend that I am all for. I recently tried it out and was told it was a daring move…I guess for Boston, but I always love to be one step ahead of the fashion curve around here. It keeps them on their toes;) I’m thrilled to see dresses continue as a major segement of woman’s dressing. Something I forcasted over five years ago. Women love dresses because it is a complete look. One outfit, minimal thinking. I will say retail continues to fall short in this area, even though it is the number one selling market across the board. Dress styles for day, day to night, evening, cocktail, and formal especially in Boston seem to look the same year after year. Trying to be different, sexy without being vulgar, feminine without being too girly, tailored with out being boring, standing out with out being over the top, without spending your last penny is a constant battle. But thankfully designers like Karl Lagerfeld keep the dress in the foresight of fashion. Karl continues to stay true to the legacy of Coco Chanel. Always classic to the brand yet cutting edge in the fashion world mixing forward thinking style with true luxury, grace, and exquisite tailoring. With all that you do Karl I am in complete awe. The ad left me wanting more though it wasn’t until I saw the behind the scenes video of this collection that I fell deeper in love. My hope is that you enjoy this as much as I did if not more.


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